Our work together is big picture visioning then pinpointed thinking. It’s about implementation and accountability.

Beth Stallwood – Consulting

The technical answers to questions you (or your people) need to know are always accessible. Inspiration can be downloaded instantly; training bought out the box. Yet, the world is still searching for solutions – and needs new ones, big time. The services I offer focus on sharing achievable how-tos, extracting powerful answers from within individuals and teams, and drawing on my 20+ years’ of experience to advise organisations around their people challenges. Engage me for a single service or I’ll help you build a bespoke programme to fast forward your transformation (just like in the case study below).

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Whether speaking or hosting, I bring all the energy, helping your people get unstuck, and inspired to take action and accountability.

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The answers to those thorny organisational issues already exist, inside your people. I’m here to help them figure it out. Me and my post-its.

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I help people – individuals and groups – take responsibility for their working lives and get from A to B, more joyfully.

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My kind of consulting is about looking behind the problem or challenge, and going beyond the research to implement truly tailored solutions.

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Case study

Transformation in action: ambition to reality

Surrey FA is one of 54 County Football Associations, overseeing more than 65,000 players, 4,000 teams and a workforce of 25,000 coaches, referees and volunteers in Surrey. In 2021, they embarked on a project to – in the words of CEO Sally Lockyer – ‘Start with a blank sheet of paper.’ They envisaged a highly ambitious ten-year strategy. I was recommended by another CFA, and set about working with the team.

The first task was exploration. My plan laid out a series of workshops to dig into the organisation’s values and behaviours, and clearly visualise where they were, where they wanted to be and how they could achieve what they wanted over the next decade. Everyone got involved, from the board to key stakeholders and every single staff member, helping to instil a sense of ownership over the new direction. The workshop programme looked like this:


Values and behaviours











When looking at strategy, it can be so easy to follow what you’ve done before. However, we were determined to be hugely ambitious and test our boundaries. Beth did a fantastic job in opening up the mindset of board members and staff. Through her innovative techniques and workshop structures, Beth got everyone working together to explore our creative strategic thinking and ambition in a unique way – and that’s a great skill.

We also surveyed everyone from players to parents. The ambitions that came to light included developing a network of community football grounds and ensuring a trajectory of parity between the male and female games. The draft strategy felt really representative of everyone who would be affected by it. It was widely circulated and stakeholders were given an opportunity to feed back. This process took time, but the outcome was a much deeper, more meaningful set of relationships with stakeholder groups.

With the finalised strategy in hand, Surrey FA went to the FA for sign off. Their positive response was a great endorsement of a different way of doing things and a new, forward-thinking approach. Surrey is, as yet, the only county FA to have created a ten-year strategy.