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Beth Stallwood – Facilitation

There’s a moment during a facilitated workshop when I like to pause, breathe and look around. There will be flip chart pages stuck to the walls with arrows pointing at scrawly handwriting and indecipherable line drawings and post-its in tutti frutti shades. Someone will be tweaking their ideas with the focus of a young Michelangelo; two people who had never met before will be talking at a mile a minute, gesticulating wildly as another idea dawns. Call it chaos. It is, in a way. But it’s collaborative chaos (more on that here). And it’s where unexpected solutions come to life.

This is what the world needs right now: unexpected solutions to unique and complex problems.

The answers your organisation needs to pivot, thrive, evolve, likely can’t be found with a quick click or another out-the-box training. I believe they exist only – and entirely amazingly – inside your people. Create the right environment, set the right tone and ask the right questions, and they will figure it out. Every time.

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My facilitation superpower

I make everyone in the room feel important, and that their input is valuable.

Beth Stallwood – Facilitator
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Beth is AMAZING! So funny and engaging. The session did not feel like 1.5 hours and it was great that you weren’t being spoken to for the full time and you got to engage with others.

Beth brought good energy to the session and got me thinking about next steps.

Very well paced, structured and impressively facilitated.

Beth’s great skill is in teasing out a different way of thinking from the people
in the room. She’s brilliant at scratching under the surface, digging deeper and stretching everyone’s imagination.

People have really valued that closer connection with Beth in the workshops, and we’ve gotten really great feedback. Beth is such a ray of sunshine and positive presence, and very good at opening people’s minds to opportunities and new ways of approaching things. She’s so knowledgeable. We think the world of her and are really looking forward to continuing to work together.

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Case study

Facilitation in action: cultivating careers

Imperial College Business School is one of the leading business schools in the UK, with a professional (i.e., non-teaching) team of around 250 very (very) busy people. A staff survey highlighted that, within the day to day rush and hustle, support for career progression was getting sidelined. Staff reported that they felt unsure about support or training opportunities, and that they didn’t feel able to access them alongside their schedules. They needed a bespoke solution to empower and inform. Enter: Beth.

After digesting all the data and scheduling some essential get-to-know-each-other time,
we decided on a three-phase macro-to-micro programme that would be delivered both digitally and in-person, for maximum accessibility. It looked like this:

Phase 1: 1 x 60-minute ‘Cultivate your career’ keynote

Building staff engagement and empowering them to consider their career development from different perspectives.

“Excellent session. The tone, content, delivery style, interactive elements, duration and general approach were all spot on!”

Phase 2: 6 x 90-minute ‘Develop yourself and your career’ workshops

A deeper dive into the practical elements of career development, helping staff to take action towards being opportunity ready.

“This session was so brilliant. Beth automatically puts you at ease”

“Excellent facilitation. It felt very personal and focused”

“Beth was amazing. I think she is so inspiring and kept me focused for the whole session”

Phase 3: Personal check-ins

Getting personalised coaching with Beth, as well as learning from others.

I wanted team members to see that they don’t have to do a masters, or spend days on training courses (and feel swamped with work when they return) to make progress. The hybrid format (we also offered a variety of times on different days of the week) worked brilliantly, attracting stellar attendance and engagement rates. Staff report feeling clearer about opportunities and more in control of their careers.
Beth Stallwood – Facilitation

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