WorkJoy | A toolkit for a better working life

Lots of people can’t find joy in their work. Let’s change that

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I was eight when a chauffeur-driven Mercedes pulled up outside my house to take me and my mum to Pinewood Studios. They gave me a tour: where they shot James Bond, the underwater tank, everything. Then I starred in my first TV commercial, for Heinz Tomato Ketchup (Oh, go on then). 

I’ve loved work ever since. Even pulling pints. Even fitting kids shoes in Clarks. Even photocopying manuals in my mum’s office. Thanks, mum.

You can choose to work as if you have to, or as if you want to.

I really believe that. And when you spend a third of your entire life (not just your waking hours) at work, why on earth wouldn’t you actively choose the latter?

My new book: Workjoy: a toolkit for a better working life, breaks my WorkJoy method down into practical, post-it sized pieces. Learn how to:

  • Break free from ‘work/life balance’ and un-blur your boundaries
  • Reframe relationships with your organisation, boss and support squad
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and craft big goals that won’t go in the bin
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WorkJoy – A toolkit for a better working life

WorkJoy has landed!

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    I’ve been a facilitator, coach and work specialist for 20 years now. If it all ends tomorrow, you’ll find me joyfully fulfilling one of my other childhood ambitions:

    • Blue Peter presenter (loved the stationary)
    • Narrator, Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat (West End, naturally)
    • Conductor, Last Night of the Proms
    • RAF pilot (possibly influenced by Top Gun)
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