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I’ve been told
I have a face people
tell things to

Perhaps that’s true, or perhaps I have another quality that makes people feel safe. But they do just…tell me things. Always have done. Even their most secret secrets. For a long time I didn’t realise what a gift this is. But then, serendipitously, a professional opportunity presented itself and that gift became my work joy. More than that actually: it became my approach to life.

I believe we should all grab our working lives with both hands.

Bosses will always make demands. Policies will never be perfect. But if we take personal responsibility for our working lives, we can change our perspective on it and actually do something that moves us from A to B (B being ‘up’, ‘out’ or ‘through’). Most importantly, we can all find more workjoy. That said, I’m a big believer in coaching you not only around your working life, but around your working life as it relates to your life life. For me, there’s no such thing as ‘just work’.

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Coaching shouldn’t be a privilege

In creating my signature coaching programme – the WorkJoy Way – I’ve been able to make coaching more accessible for those investing in it for themselves. I’ve poured 20 years of experience, and my whole heart and soul, into what I’ve been told is a ‘distinctly different’ coaching programme. It combines one-to-one with group coaching and self-directed learning and has an essential workjoy ingredient – a thriving professional network – literally baked in.

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My Coaching Superpower

I help people identify their superpowers!

Beth Stallwood Coaching
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Working with Beth has really opened my eyes to possibilities and helped me to think differently. She has a very flexible approach and is able to judge what I need in each moment. There have been many lightbulb moments throughout our coaching journey! I love my sessions with Beth, they leave me feeling motivated and inspired and I would recommend her highly!

I have experienced a number of coaches and coaching styles but none have stayed with me as much as my sessions with Beth. Her style of questioning is non-intrusive, but she has this way of opening you up. I was invested in our chats, and I always return to her advice. I am a better person due to the time I have had with Beth.

The WorkJoy Way has been a total joy. It has completely reframed my perspective and given me actionable learnings to take forward. This is the best self/career development programme I have been part of. I would highly recommend the programme to anyone looking to find more enjoyment from their work or anyone trying to find some career direction.

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