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This page is intended to give you the resources you need to write about me, introduce me,  tweet or post about me, without having to go through the faffy process of actually emailing me. But if there’s something you need that isn’t provided here, and you do need to email me, go right ahead. I’m at

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A little bit about me:

Beth Stallwood is a coach, facilitator, speaker, consultant and author, who helps people find more joy at work, and helps organisations nurture their people.

A little bit more about me:

Beth Stallwood is a coach, facilitator, speaker, consultant and author, and the founder of Create WorkJoy. She’s spent 20 years developing her signature practical, passionate approach, and excels at getting to the heart of what’s actually going on – whether that’s for an individual client stuck in WorkGloom or an organisation with a people challenge to solve. Her clients range from global corporations, to tech scale-ups, sports governing bodies, charities and higher education institutions. Beth has extensive experience in the fields of learning, development and organisational culture and is an expert host of large-scale speaker events. Her qualifications include an MA in Human Resource Management and an Advanced Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring. Beth’s first book, WorkJoy: a toolkit for a better working life, is out now and her podcast, the WorkJoy Jam, is available on all major podcast platforms.

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A little bit about the things I do:

WorkJoy Jam (podcast)

The WORKJoy Jam podcast series is hosted by Beth Stallwood, Founder of Create WorkJoy. In each episode, Beth chats with people from different walks of life to share their professional perspective, personal advice and top tips on how to create and cultivate more joy at work and in life.

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Jam Workjoy | The Podcast

The WorkJoy Book

Workjoy: a toolkit for a better working life, breaks Beth’s WorkJoy method down into practical, post-it sized pieces. Learn how to break free from ‘work/life balance’ and un-blur your boundaries; reframe your relationships with your organisation, boss and support squad; let go of limiting beliefs and craft big goals that won’t go in the bin.

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WorkJoy | A toolkit for a better working life

Club WorkJoy

Need inspiration and perspective from those who’ve done what you want to do? After advice and guidance from the people who really know their stuff when it comes to having work life nailed? Craving connection and collaboration with a fresh new group of people on the same mission as you? Club WorkJoy could be just the tonic you need to get some perspective, reclaim your mojo, and create yourself a more joyful working world!

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Club WorkJoy

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