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I’m Beth. I help people find more
joy at work. I help organisations nurture their people.

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Bookworm? Me too

My new book, WorkJoy: a toolkit for a better working life, lays out my practical WorkJoy method, page by page. Consider it a manual for taking ownership of your working life and living with more joy at work.

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WorkJoy | A toolkit for a better working life

"The transition from feeling a bit 'meh' (WorkGloom) to feeling a lot more 'yeah' (WorkJoy), begins with what's going on in our heads. There is no knight in shining armour coming to rescue us. You are the captain of the ship, the protagonist of your story."

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My Work

Thousands of hours on stage, leading workshops, coaching and consulting have taught me one thing: you (or your people) already have the unexpected solutions you need to succeed.


Passion + practicality: that’s my thing. Bring a notebook!

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Grab some brains. Book a room. Solve some problems.

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You are all you need to fix your working life. Seriously.

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Your people are your greatest asset (and biggest critics)

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Earwig on people from different walks of life as they share their professional perspective, personal advice and insider tips on how to create and cultivate more joy at work and in life.

Special Episode

Special Episode:
WorkJoy Book Launch!

Beth Stallwood

Season 5: Ep 10

Look Up

Ella-Louise Woodhouse

Season 5: Ep 9

Trust Your Instincts

Natalie Doyle

Season 5: Ep 8

Developing Wisdom

Marion Ellis

Season 5: Ep 7

Showing up

Lizzy Bernthal

Season 5: Ep 6

Building a better

Harri Helvon-Hardy

Season 5: Ep 5

When your hobby
becomes your business

Priya Velusami

Season 5: Ep 4

Where does your energy come from?

Gary Crotaz

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