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Posted 12/18/23

Joy to the world (and your 2024)

Christmas is a funny old time, isn’t it? The build up is kind of hectic. There’s presents to be bought, food to be ordered, maybe an event or five to get glammed up for (remember JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out), though). The kids are off. The family is down. Something’s always been forgotten. Then, on the other side, there’s…nothing much at all. As the years go by, it seems to me that more and more organisations shut up shop between Christmas and New Year, giving us all an enforced rest and real opportunity to recharge. My advice? Don’t waste it. 

I’m not advocating for wall-to-wall CPD or even personal development during Twixmas (yes, it has a name). Far from it. You need that downtime, poppet. We all do. But, I do believe that there are a few things you can do (if you feel inclined) to not only blow away the Christmas cobwebs and engage your brain again, but lay the groundwork for a 2024 filled with more WorkJoy. And you don’t even have to come out from your sofa-nest to do it. Here they are: 


Do this ‘brag-book style’. Grab some sexy stationery and write down everything that went well; everything you nailed. These could be big things or small things – think achievements, progress, changes, decisions – it’s all got value. But it’s important to write them down rather than just have thinky thoughts. You could even make a PowerPoint and pitch yourself to…yourself!


Put yourself in an imaginary time machine and zip to this time next year. What’s happened? What’s changed? What’s good? Allow yourself to dream here, but then decide what’s achievable. Remember that we tend to overestimate what we can do in a year but underestimate what we can do in three, so next, it’s time to do some planning..


A lot of Christmas is spent in service to others. That’s great, really. But Twixmas is an opportunity to fill your cup back up, so take time to do one thing in service of YOU. Go to a gallery, read a different book, call that friend, walk a new route. I’m always amazed by how new input results in new output: new ideas, fresh thinking, better outlook. 

None of this takes long. You could do it all in a couple of hours or stretch it to a day or so, but it can have a big impact – helping you return to work feeling more in control, more aligned, more joyful. And start as you mean to go on, I say. So here’s to a Merry Christmas, a fruitful Twixmas, and a juicy, joyful New Year. Have a good one. 

The three Es of a tasty Twixmas

At the end of each blog post, I’m going to share three simple actions, just like in my book, WorkJoy: A Toolkit for a Better Working Life.  


The festive period can so easily fill up with small talk, which can be a bit blah. A bit of big talk with some great people can feel really nourishing.  


Want to uplevel your Twixmas joy primer? After your reflection and visioning, this is a great time to set some goals. My book (above) has a whole chapter on this, and I also have a little worksheet (below). 


Check-in with yourself this Christmas. How are you feeling? Is your cup overflowing or draining quickly? Do what you need to do to stay full. 

There’s a lot of goal-setting paraphernalia out there. This is the one I use (because I made it ;)). I recommend a download and print situation, as there’s power in scribbling. Have fun with it. And if you’ve got questions about goals, or are panicking about 2024 and feel like a coaching session or two might help get things straight, email me on

Wishing you joy, and lots of it.

x Beth

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